People API Documentation - Version 1

API for the BAS People Database.

Note: the data provided by this API is not currently definitive. This will be addressed as a priority.

Getting started

The documentation for this API is arranged into a series of documents with this document as an ‘index’ or ‘start’ page.

This page is designed to provide an overview of the API as a service and as an ongoing development project. Wherever possible you will be directed to additional documents for specific information.

New users are strongly recommended to read through this documentation to get a good understanding of how the API works at a general level (i.e. these top level documents) and then consult specific method/resource documentation as needed.

Documentation scope

This documentation gives details on what information and abilities this API provides. It also documents general information about this API from a project perspective.

Details about the underlying data this API provides (including data sources, accuracy, updates, etc.) are out of scope for this documentation and are not covered here. Contact the API Maintainer in the first instance if you need this information.

Documentation audience

This documentation is aimed at end users of this API.

This documentation is written for an audience familiar with using RESTful APIs and uses terms common to these types of service where appropriate.

Project status

The current stable API version is version 1. It is recommended all clients use this version.

This API is considered a Beta service, and is under active development.

See the versioning document for further information.

Given the status of this API users are strongly urged to report any issues through the issue tracker.

See the project administration document for further details.

This API is within the scope of the Draft BASIS API Guidelines, however it does not yet full comply with them. This will addressed as a matter of urgency.

API endpoints

The production endpoint for this API is:, requests MUST be made using HTTPS.

API endpoints are versioned using a /vX suffix (where X represents the version), placed added immediately after the endpoint and immediately before resources or methods.


Note: As of April 2015 this API refuses non-secure requests.

Documentation listing

This information may be out of date whilst this website is being redeveloped. Until then, if you have any problems using an API documented here, please contact the relevant project maintainer.