Project API Documentation - Version 1

Resources - NERC Vocab Identifier

The NERC Vocab Identifier represents an index into the NERC Vocabulary Server - Controlled lists and terms for NERC are managed via this service.

The Projects API uses NERC Vocab terms throughout it’s API and provides references into the vocab server. The list/code pair can be considered an unique identifier for a term.

The Projects API does not provide a lookup service for Vocab terms. This is provided by

Resource model

Name Property Name Data Type Optional Description
List ID list String No ID of list that will contain the Code ID
Code ID code String No Code ID represents a unique value as stored in NERC Vocab List

You can see an example lookup of a term from the NERC Vocab Server from the index page -

Note: This model is liable to change in future API versions.

Example (JSON)

"nerc_vocab_identifier": {
    "list": "A01",
    "code": "Habitat_Alteration"

You can view the definition of this term in the NERC Vocabulary Server:

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