Person API Documentation - Version 1

Resources - Display Size (Display Sizes)

A Display Size represents an Avatar at a particular size and meta-data about this representation.

Resource model

Name Property Name Data Type Optional Description
Name name String Yes An identifier for the class of display size (i.e. small, medium, etc.)
MIME-Type mime_type String No The media type of the image available for the display size, currently this will always be image/jpeg
Href href String No A fully qualified URL to the image available for the display size, suitable for use as a src attribute for a HTML img tag

Example (JSON)

    "name": "full",
    "mime-type": "image\/jpeg",
    "href": "http:\/\/\/about_bas\/contact\/staff\/image.php?id=7811b11947b1395efb7ebd6e3d7cd5d6&size=full"

Resource methods


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