Image Collection API Documentation - Version 1

Resources - Links (Links)

A link refers to some action an individual can perform or a resource that may be of interested for a Photograph.

Resource model

Name Property Name Data Type Optional Description
Type type String No Effectively this represents the type of thing a link refers to, currently this is always “website”
Action action String Yes A label, usually a verb, for the action or thing a visitor can do by following a link, will always be in lower case and is suitable for display
Slug slug String No A URL safe representation of a link label, provided for programmatic use rather than display
Label label String Yes A description of where a link refers to (i.e. the name of the service), provided in the correct case and suitable for display
Href href String Yes A fully qualified URL to the thing a link refers to

Example (JSON)

    "type": "website",
    "action": "purchase",
    "slug": "bas_image_collection",
    "label": "BAS Image Collection",
    "href": "http:\/\/\/external\/guest\/detail\/search\/10000031"

Resource methods


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