Aircraft API Documentation - Version 1


Details on how versions of this API are managed and the policy on deprecating older API versions.

Current version

The current stable API version is version 1. It is recommended all users use this version.

Change policy

Where possible new features will be added within the current API version and documented in the project CHANGELOG file.

Where breaking changes are needed a new API version will be released, this will be announced through the CHANGELOG and other channels as needed.

Details on upcoming changes can be found in the roadmap and tracked on the project issue tracker.

Supported versions

The previous 2 versions of the API will be supported relative to the current stable version.

I.e. If the current API version is 4, versions 2 and 3 will also be supported, version 1 would no longer be supported.

Support in this case refers to bug fixes only. New features added in new API versions may be back ported to earlier versions, but this is not guaranteed.

Deprecation policy

Within APIs that are currently supported, some methods may be deprecated as they are replaced by new methods.

Deprecated methods will be removed in the next major version (unless specifically mentioned otherwise) and should no longer be used.

This information may be out of date whilst this website is being redeveloped. Until then, if you have any problems using an API documented here, please contact the relevant project maintainer.