Aircraft API Documentation - Version 1


Methods [1] are described individually grouped by logical function [2] and listed in the methods listing section.

Note: See resources for documentation on resource methods.

[1] Defined here.

[2] These groupings are subjective but hopefully intuitive.


Many methods share similar functionality, such as authentication and pagination, which this documentation terms a trait.

Having a particular trait indicates a method will behave in a certain way or provide certain functionality. Each method will document the traits it uses.

For example the authentication trait indicates a method will require a valid authentication token to be present in the request or an authentication failure will be returned.

The table below provides details of all possible traits a method may have, with a description, effect and a reference to additional documentation on each trait.

Note: Method descriptions will not include information pertaining to any traits it may use (unless a method uses or reacts to a trait in a non-standard way).

This means a method using the authentication trait, for example, will not include specifying an Authorization header in a request example as this is part of the authentication trait.

The following traits are provided by this API.

Name Description Effect Additional Documentation
Authentication Checks for a valid authentication Token A method can only be used if a valid authentication Token is provided The Authentication document

Methods listing

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